A Few of Our Favorite (Unexpected) Things

When you walk around Jerusalem, there are lots of things you expect to see. Cathedrals, cats, pilgrims, and mosques—minarets, cramped markets, and fantastic costumes. However, it’s the things that you don’t expect that either escape your notice altogether, or remain indelibly stamped on your psyche forever.

We saw this cute three-wheeler on the hotel roof, but what Spider Man, Mickey Mouse, and Super Lion have to do with one another evades us at the moment.

Super Lion Bike

Spiderman, Mickey, and Super Lion–An Unstoppable Team!IMG_0675

I’m mildly suspicious of a restaurant that claims an authentic Mexican experience, when they misspell the Spanish words.

Poyo Loko

Not to be mistaken for Pollo Loco.

Who doesn’t fancy a spot of cake? Especially when it’s English!

English Cake

I would try it, but for fear of crushing disappointment if it turned out to not be delicious cake.

I never expected that one would have to be told this on a crowded, traffic-laden thoroughfare. I’m sure there’s a story behind it, though.

No Playing in Traffic

Seriously, don’t play soccer in traffic.

We should probably eat here so that our submersion into the culture will be complete.

Holy Rock Cafe

What kind of music do they play in there?

Mamma never wanted you to get a tattoo, but how could she say “No” to one that’s from the Holy Land parlor?

Holy Land Tattoos

How could this not end well?

We really have nothing to add to this one.

Singing Jewish Man

A picture worth a thousand words

Checking out the local artwork is always a unique cultural experience.

Jerusalem was celebrating its Formula 1 race.

Jerusalem was celebrating its Formula 1 race.

Western Wall Painting

We saw this painting of the Western Wall, and then realized something important was missing from the cityscape.

While we’re at it, we never thought we’d run into Formula 1 racing in Jerusalem at all.

Formula 1 Race in Jerusalem

The track is ready!

Some of the vents are custom made in the Jewish Quarter.

Star of David Vents

Special vents in the Jewish Quarter

The cats run the gamut—from sleek fat cats to ragged scrappers. Some are just more photogenic than others.

Unphotogenic Cat

Sort of the feline junior high yearbook photo

And, last, but not least, we’d like to take this opportunity to commemorate the moment our trip took a turn for the horrific. We first ran into this guy in Tiberias in September 2012. About 10 days later, we saw him again near Lachish. Yesterday, we turned the corner around the hotel, and there he was, staring into our souls.

Creepy Teddy Bear Stare

Just when you thought it was safe–Creepy Teddy Bear Stare, Part 3

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4 Responses to “A Few of Our Favorite (Unexpected) Things”

  1. julie jordan Says:

    One of my favorite posts, thusfar!

  2. eddie Says:

    I love the subtitle on the Holy Rock sign…..’Soft Hot Drinks’ I know what they mean, but its still worth a giggle!! So glad y’all are enjoying your time there…life is an adventure!

  3. Mike Coward Says:

    So blessed to have you send us pictures and information. Love your posts. Stay safe and enjoy. Thanks again. Mike

  4. Outremer Says:

    Great to hear about your further rambles to Jericho and around Jerusalem since our West Bank trip.

    About “English cake”: In an East Jerusalem bakery, I heard this name applied to what I know as “biscotti”.

    About “something missing from the cityscape”: Yes, some time ago I did an extended post on this whole phenomenon, here: http://israelpalestineguide.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/the-disappearing-dome-of-the-rock/

    All the best in your studies this semester.


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