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June 7, 2013

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Corrections and the Israel Museum

September 13, 2012

So, to start, a quick correction for the last post. The Bethany mentioned in John 1:28 (Bethabara in the NKJV) is where John was baptizing beyond the Jordan.  This was where Jesus traveled from when he went to the other Bethany where Mary, Martha, and Lazarus was.  So he when from Bethany beyond the Jordan to the Bethany two miles from Jerusalem.

Now, explanations on the videos. Rebekah used two of my videos on the last post. Just a note about those. The video of Masada shows the view beginning from the Dead Sea and then the fortress itself so you can get a feel for its relation to natural defenses and its size. I might also add, you get a feeling for it’s height and steepness if you walk the “snake path” to the top… me on this one.

The Jericho video is taken from the top of the tell, beginning with the mountains of Moab across the Jordan and then panning to the mountains beyond Jericho, showing the Israelites’ path as they approached the city (Joshua 5-6).

Yesterday, our biggest stop was the Israel museum, which just recently began allowing photography. There were many exciting finds displayed here.

One of the most exciting would be the Caiphus ossuary, who may have been the high priest during Jesus’ trial.

Caiphus Ossuary High Priest

Caiphus Ossuary

The other is the Pilate Stone we referenced a while back. This is a stone dedicating something to Tiberius from Pilate.

Pilate Stone TIberius Pontius Piltate

Pilate Stone